Pro-Visual Publishing and their partnering industry associations have released the annual Augmented
Reality (AR) Educational Safety Guide for sugarcane farmers, a free wall poster designed to display
year-round to use with your phone, or other smart device, to view augmented content alongside the
printed safety topic content.

The AR itool enhances engagement and learning of key safety issues that should always be top of
mind when performing daily tasks. With the agriculture industry facing one of the highest rates of
injury and fatality annually, remaining vigilant and on top of safety procedures is crucial to help
ensure sugarcane workers arrive home safe every day.

Topics this year include:

– Smartcane BMP – a world-class best practice system for growing in QLD.
– Quad bike safety and regulations under WHS laws.
– Sun safety and personal protection for those working outside a majority of the time.
– PCBUs and their obligations regarding electrical safety.
– Record keeping requirements.

The wall guide becomes a useful go-to piece for solo reference or training talks and by downloading
the free Pro-Vis AR app, users can scan AR icons on the guide for additional resources such as videos,
web-links and PDF files that ‘pop-up’ in an augmented setting, providing a stimulating environment in
which to learn.

For free Guides email For all enquiries and images call
(02) 8272 2611 or email Deanna Hutchings

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