Sunshine Sugar congratulates Nutrition Innovation on being officially recognised as one of the best SMEs in the world by the United Nations, as part of the Food Systems Summit 2021.

The summit was created to raise awareness of the critical role that agriculture and food systems play in achieving a sustainable future.

“We teamed up with Nutrition Innovation in 2018, with the partnership delivering a world-first Low GI sugar –
Sunshine Sugar Low GI; said Sunshine Sugar CEO, Mr Chris Connors. “This partnership delivered one of the first of our diversification projects that are a key part of the strategic business plan underpinning the future sustainability of the NSW sugar industry.”

This low GI sugar is made using the nucane® process, developed by Nutrition Innovation and made at the Condong sugar mill. The process produces a wholesome sugar that retains naturally occurring and beneficial antioxidants.

Being low in GI (Glycaemic Index) means that it is more slowly digested, absorbed and metabolised – resulting in lower and slower rise in blood glucose.

Selected from nearly 2,000 applications from 135 countries, Nutrition Innovation is amongst a group of winners who showcase inspiring, diverse, and impactful solutions in improving access to healthy, sustainable food.

“It’s a testimony to not only our innovations, but all of our partners around the world” said Founder and Chairman of Nutrition Innovation, Dr David Kannar. “Our objectives have always been to create innovations, like nucane™, to solve global health and nutrition challenges.

The United Nations Food Systems Summit hopes to bring together the science, finance and political commitment to transform global food systems. The goal is to introduce systems that are productive, environmentally sustainable, include the poor and promote healthy diets.

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