QSL’s new Grower Floor Price Contract is now available within the QSL Direct portal and QSL App.

This new grower-managed pricing option gives QSL growers the best of both worlds – letting them lock in a sugar price with the potential for higher returns should the market rise after their order is filled.

Growers can place orders for as little as 10 tonnes to target a ‘floor’ price and lock in a known minimum return. Once their floor is achieved, they’ll also receive 50% of any subsequent prices achieved above their floor price for the order.

Any nominated tonnage which remains unpriced after 15 April in the year of delivery will automatically default to the QSL Harvest Pool.


  • Nominations and pricing orders must be a minimum or multiple of 10 tonnes
  • Pricing targets are in gross Australian dollars and $25 increments (e.g. $425, $450, $475)
  • Unfilled orders are automatically cancelled and unpriced tonnage defaults to the QSL Harvest Pool after 15 April in the year of delivery
  • Uses the QSL Grower Floor Contract Price as the basis for its pricing, which incorporates the cost of securing the floor

For further information, please read our Product Overview and Pricing Pool Terms, or contact your local QSL team.

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