North Queensland farmers are being surveyed on what water they need as part of the business case for raising the Burdekin Falls Dam.

Natural Resources Minister Anthony Lynham said the survey launched by Building Queensland and SunWater today was critical to determining how much water was required to meet future demand – essential information for the wall-raising.

“Queensland has an economic plan for post COVID recovery, and it is built on our traditional strengths like agriculture,” Dr Lynham said.

“The plan prioritises growing our regions and supporting the agriculture sector to drive economic prosperity.

“Water supply security can translate to more farm businesses, higher intensity farming and increased production – which in turn fosters more jobs.”

The confidential survey asks participants to identify their location, current and future potential crops, how much water they are using now and how much they think they might need in the future.

The survey also tests how demand might change under different pricing models.

CLICK HERE to complete the 30 minute survey.